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Pioneering philosopher Tim Freke offers a bold remedy to the bleak worldview of contemporary materialism and outdated forms of religion. In this course he outlines a radical shift in understanding of both science and spirituality. With expert clarity and profound intrigue, Tim explores the new philosophy he calls Emergent Spirituality, which combines an innovative perspective on the scientific theory of evolution with a fresh understanding of perennial spirituality. The result, a beautiful vision of the nature of reality and the deep purpose of life.

FACIAL YOGA by Danielle Collins
In this course Danielle Collins, the world’s leading Face Yoga Expert, demonstrates how, by applying the principals of facial exercise, massage and acupressure to your face, you can smooth your skin and tone its supporting muscles for a glowing, youthful appearance. Combining practical exercises, health and lifestyle advice and wellness tips, this is an essential practical course for anyone who wants to look and feel their best at any time of life.

William Bloom PhD is one of the UK’s leading writers and educators in the field of spirituality and wellbeing. This course is the result of his decades of exploring, practising and teaching meditation. Drawing from many different meditation practices and traditions from all across the world, William teaches you ways to be at ease, to be watchful and observant and, most of all, to feel connected to the wonder and energy of life.