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Psychic Power and Spirit Communication by Claire Broad

Psychic Power and Spirit Communication by Claire Broad



Imagine how your outlook on life would change if you knew for certain that life goes on after death! What greater knowledge can there be and what greater peace can be found than in knowing that life will continue forever?

In this course Claire Broad shares her 20 years of experience and deep knowledge that she gained from her own interaction with the spirit world so that you can begin to discover the actuality of an afterlife. You will learn the fundamental tools to build your psychic connection to Spirit and learn how to connect to a greater reality for yourself.

The specific aims of Claire's 'Psychic Power and Spirit Communication' program are:

  • To provide you with information that will help you to get in touch with your spiritual nature so you can discover the reality of the spirit dimensions for yourself.
  • To be an introduction to developing psychic ability and mental mediumship in different forms
  • To provide a step by step guide of how to make a connection with the spirit world for yourself through mental mediumship utilising a video guide and study guide as directional tools.
  • To learn the difference between working psychically and working with mediumship
  • To gain tips on how to develop a closer relationship with you own spirit guides and much more…

THE LESSONS  (1 hour 27 minutes total)

Introduction (4:34 mins)
Lesson 1: Altered States of Consciousness (22:23 mins)
Lesson 2: Psychic Development (17:18 mins)
Lesson 3: Mediumship – What You Need to Know Before You Deliver a Message (13:15 mins)
Lesson 5: Mediumship – Delivering a Message from the Spirit World to a Recipient (27:10 mins)
Lesson 6: Receiving Information from Spirit for Your Own Learning (15:32 mins)
Lesson 7: Spirit Guides (11:04 mins)
Lesson 8: Symbolism & Signs (8:53 mins)
Where to Go From Here (7:25 mins)

Claire Broad gave her first spirit communication to a relative at the age of 4 (although remarkably, she remembers being aware of spirit people before this) and started to develop her ability at the age of 21 with the hope that through developing her skills, she might help others and better understand the question of life after death for herself. She has 20 years professional experience, working in various ways, including 1:1 private sittings, public demonstrations, public speaking and teaching. Claire is co-author of No 1 selling book, Answers From Heaven, Incredible True Stories of Heavenly Encounters and the Afterlife (Little Brown Books, Piatkus) and of What The Dead Are Dying To Teach Us (Watkins Media, September 2019). Claire regularly runs workshops and classes related to mediumship and spiritual development and often is a speaker at spiritual awareness centres and churches. Claire has been accredited by the ISM as a Registered and Approved Medium (RAM).


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