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Everyday Rituals and Spells by Theresa Cheung

Everyday Rituals and Spells by Theresa Cheung



We think our future is shaped by big events, the decisions we make, the thoughts we have. But throughout this course Theresa Cheung will show you that it is your daily actions, the things you repeatedly do, that are the key to having the life you want. To ensure long-lasting, meaningful change our actions need to be filled with a sense of personal meaning, purpose and power they need to be ritualized. Creating ritual and using powerful spells will transform our lives and allows us to bring the presence of the sacred into the everyday. This course will show you how.

The specific aims of Theresa's Everyday Rituals and Spells program are:

  • To offer you a dramatic Shift in Perspective and provide you with Practical Tools to change your life for the better.
  • To show you how Ritual truly is your Source of Power.
  • To share with you Rituals and Spells you can do immediately.
  • To teach you what Rituals and Spells are, why do they work, and the science behind them.
  • To look at your Abundance Blocks and teach you how to release them.
  • To show you how to use Rituals and Spells when dealing with Energy Vampires.
  • To encourage you to move from Dreaming to Doing.
  • To look at Intuition and Dreams and to show how Rituals can tap into their Sacred Wisdom.

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Lesson One: What Is Ritual and Why Does It Work?

Video 1 – The Power is You

Video 2 – The Science of Ritual

Video 3 – Say I Do

Lesson Two: Releasing Abundance Blocks

Video 1- The Fear Trap

Video 2- More Abundance Blocks

Video 3 – Let it Go

Lesson Three: From Dreaming to Doing

Video 1 – The Power of Right Now

Video 2 – Unplug

Video 3 – Return to Self-Love

Lesson Four: Attracting Success With Ritual

Video 1 – How Rituals Make You a Success Magnet

Video 2 – Releasing Energy Vampires

Video 3 – Rituals to Ignite Your Intuition

Conclusion – Intention, Ritual, Action


THERESA CHEUNG was born into a family of psychics and spiritualists and has been involved in the research of psychic phenomena for over twenty-five years. Since leaving King’s College, Cambridge University with a masters in Theology and English she has written numerous bestselling mind body spirit books, including two Sunday Times Top-Ten bestsellers. Her books have been translated into over 25 languages and her Element Encyclopedias of Dreams, Birthdays and The Psychic World have become international bestsellers with their own Barnes and Noble editions. She has also written features on personal growth and spiritual development for magazines and national newspapers and has now sold well over half a million books.

Besides her 21 Rituals to Change Your Life: Daily Practices to Bring Greater Inner Peace and Happines (March 2017), Watkins published Theresa’s The Premonition Code: The Science of Precognition, How Sensing the Future Can Change Your Life (together with Dr. Julia Mossbridge – new edition October 2018) and most recently (April 2019) her 21 Rituals to Ignite Your Intuition.

Theresa’s mission is to make spirituality and the paranormal more credible, engaging and mainstream. She has a thriving author page on Facebook and her website is: