Face Yoga Course Test – 20 Questions

1.Day 1: Which technique is the best for helping the eye area appear smoother?
2.Day 1: When doing The Eyebrow Lift why do we stroke across the forehead at the end?
3.Day 2: Which lines does The Raindrop work on?
4.Day 2: Which technique will soften lines between the eyebrows?
5.Day 3: Which technique helps lymphatic drainage?
6.Day 3: If your eyes feel tired which technique will enliven them?
7.Day 4: Why is the main reason we use some plant based oil with The Cheekbone Hook?
8.Day 4: How long should you do The Bird each side?
9.Day 5: Which technique helps lines between the nose and mouth?
10.Day 5: What is a helpful tool to have for The Lip Tuck?
11.Day 6: Which technique works the cheeks?
12.Day 6: Which technique helps to reduce eye bags?
13.Day 7: Which technique is it advised for you to be ‘intuitive with the pressure?
14.Day 7: Which technique would you use to reduce stress?
15.Day 8: What should you do if anything feels uncomfortable on Neck Rolls?
16.Day 8: Which technique works the whole face?
17.Day 9: Which technique should you use lip balm with?
18.Day 9: Which technique would you use if your shoulders and neck felt tight?
19.Day 10: How many parts does the Jaw Toner have to it?
20.Day 10: Why is it good to breathe deeply?