Course Test: 20 Questions on the Paramis

1.The paramis are:
2.Which describes Dana more accurately:
3.The Parami of Equanimity is:
4.Sacca, when translated as the Parami of Honesty can best be described as:
5.The Parami of Equanimity is a developed inner state because
6.What describes the Parami of Khanti most accurately?
7.According to folk tradition, the Buddha was reborn many times in order to:
8.The Parami of Determination asks us to:
9.The Parami of Dana deals with
10.Metta is a Pali word meaning:
11.The Parami of Renunciation is based on the understanding that:
12.Pannya is the word for Wisdom. As a Parami
13.The Parami of Patience involves:
14.The Parami of Energy, Viriya is:
15.Sila, is a Parami that is:
16.How many Paramis are there?
17.The Paramis are often translated as ‘perfections’, because:
18.Practicing Metta should be mostly:
19.The experience of the Parami of Renunciation is best described as:
20.How do we best recognize the Paramis: