Psychic Power and Spirit Communication Course Final Exam

Multiple Choice Questions
1.Is psychic ability inherent within us or a learned skill only?
2.Are there any scientific researches on psychic ability?
3.Alpha Waves in your brain a likely to occur when
4.What is the significance of Meditation for developing psychic ability?
5.What facilitates successful Visualisation?
6.Which of the following is an essential stage in building a message for a recipient?
7.Should mediums be prepared to counsel their sitter?
8.What is the difference between a Psychic and a Medium?
9.What is the difference between Mental and Physical Mediumship?
10.What is a Medium’s first priority?
11.What is the role of doubt in mediumship?
12.Which of the following statements about different Clair’s is correct?
13.Which of the following is a requirement for Channelling?
14.What characterizes Automatic Writing?
15.What is a Quija Board?
16.What is the role of a Spirit Guardian?
17.What is the difference between Spirit Guardians and Spirit Guides.
18.Which of the following statements about Spirit Guides is true?
19.Which of the following statements about Symbolism is true?
20.What is the purpose of a Home Circle?