Psychic Protection Course Exam – 20 Questions

1.Your body has a magnetic field that is sensitive to external vibrations. Which of the following statements is accurate:
2.Why do people need psychic protection? Because:
3.The foundation of good psychic protection is:
4.When an external energy is registered by your body, which biological system first registers it?
5.In the ‘Inner Smile’ exercise what is the key attitude?
6.Which of these is the essence of being grounded, earthed and centred?
7.When working with inner trees, cauldrons and landscapes which of the following is the primary practice?
8.When someone is being abusive, bullying and penetrating your boundaries without your permission, it is best to:
9.The best method for creating your bubbles and shields of protection is:
10.When you are disturbed by aggressive mental and intellectual energy it is best to:
11.What is the best way to manage your own approach to psychic protection?
12.Connecting with Higher Powers:
13.In creating bubbles and shields of protection it is important that:
14.Which of the following is accurate:
15.In the practice of Electric Love Your ‘Enemy’ which of the following is accurate:
16.Is psychic protection affected by your own personal mood? Which of these is accurate:
17.In developing the skills of psychic protection which of the following is the most important:
18.The significance of the Responsibility and Forgiveness Prayer (Ho’oponopono) is:
19.Every time you experience the need for psychic protection it is:
20.Which of the following is true? Being empathic and sensitive is: