Rewind Your Body Clock Course Final Exam

1.Why is our health-span decreasing despite our increasing life-span?
2.Transitioning to a plant-based diet is important for the health of our planet because
3.What is the impact of cultivating a youthful mindset on ageing?
4.Professor Ellen Langer’s research proves that
5.How can you create a “rewind” immersion environment?
6.Which statement about our natural set-point of happiness is true?
7.The Neurobiology of Happiness proves that:
8.What is the innate happiness level of most people?
9.How can we cultivate a gratitude mindset?
10.How can we test for chronic inflammation?
11.What are proven strategies for combating chronic inflammation?
12.When combating chronic inflammation, what should be your minimum exercising?
13.What is the anti-ageing advantage of a plant-based whole foods diet?
14.Why is Gingko Biloba helpful in combating declining cognitive health?
15.What do you need to look out for when using herbs and supplements?
16.What is the absolute best exercise for staying young in mind and brain?
17.Which foods should you avoid for maintaining healthy skin?
18.What is Yoga Nidra?
19.Which herb is recommended to remedy sleeplessness?
20.Why should you avoid using any of your blue light devices when sleepless?