The Astrology of Relating Course Final Exam

1.What does your birth chart reveal?
2.Who of the following can be considered to be a good astrologer?
3.What does Frank mean by “chart first”?
4.What does the letter H stand for in Frank’s CHART FIRST?
5.What is the meaning of the letter T in CHART FIRST?
6.Which of the following is not one of the Modes of expression in astrology?
7.What do your Neighbouring Signs signify?
8.How do polar opposite signs relate to each other?
9.What is a common phenomenon associated with Elemental Lacks?
10.What does Frank consider to be the two big relationship killers?
11.Which of the following is not one of the six astro-points of relationship?
12.Why do you need your birth time to ascertain your Ascendant?
13.What does born ‘on the cusp’ signify?
14.What does your Mercury Sign reveal about you?
15.What does the Moon Sign reflect in you?
16.What does the Ascendant show?
17.What is the relationship between Zodiac Sign, Elements and Modes?
18.Aries is defined by which Mode and Element?
19.What does the term Signs in Quincunx mean?
20.What is a basic rule of compatibility between Zodiac Signs?