The Gene Keys Course Integration

1.What are the Gene Keys?
2.What is the relationship between the Gene Keys and the I Ching?
3.What is the meaning of Shravana, Manana and Nididasana?
4.What is the main difference between Contemplation and Mindfulness?
5.What is the meaning of Siddhi?
6.What is the function of your DNA?
7.How is the Gene Keys Glossary of Empowerment best used?
8.What is the significance of working with your Shadow?
9.Which statement is true about Shadow States?
10.What are our best weapons when tackling the Shadow?
11.Why is Shadow Work an essential preparation for the Siddhis?
12.What is the meaning of the Gift?
13.What is True Genius?
14.What is the meaning of the ancient concept of Maya?
15.What is the Aura?
16.What are Sanskaras?
17.How do you generate Bhakti?
18.What are the conditions for Transmutation to occur in your life?
19.What is Synarchy?
20.What does the Law of Syntropy state?