Meditation Masterclass by William Bloom


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Meditation Masterclass by William Bloom


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Meditation is a core skill and practice for good physical and mental health. It is also a crucial strategy in personal and spiritual development.

For beginners and experienced practitioners, Meditation Masterclass will give you a deep understanding of the essential strategies, concepts and practices. Its approach is holistic and values the jewels in all traditions. Its tone is friendly and accessible.

Based in forty years teaching experience, William believes that meditation is a natural human behaviour and that everyone can do it. His approach understands that people have different temperaments and personalities; and that people therefore need to use the methods most suitable for them. In Meditation Masterclass you will find crystal clear descriptions of the major approaches and strategies that will initiate and support your practice.

In addition to the twelve video lessons the course provides you with Guided Meditation audios and an in-depth Meditation Masterclass Study Guide for deeping your understanding and experience of your meditations.

THE LESSONS (3 hours 18 minutes total)

1. Overview: From Gateways to Core State to Practices (6:35 minutes)

2. My Background & Three Stories (9.01 minutes)

3. Posture and Health Benefits (11:56 minutes)

4. Awake, Witnessing, Caring, Compassionate, Connected (11:20 mins)

– plus Guided Meditation: The Core State of Meditation (10:37 mins)

5. Your Gateways into Meditation – Part 1 (17:46 mins)

– plus Guided Meditation: Body Scan (20:30 mins)

6. Your Gateways into Meditation – Part 2 (13:27 mins)

7. Managing Challenges (9:18 mins)

8. Your Meditation Practices – Part 1: Developing Compassion & Reflection (12:19 mins)

9. Your Meditation Practices – Part 2: Self-Healing & Spiritual Anatomy (11:30 mins)

– plus: Guided Meditation: Just being – Compassion – Reflection – Self-Healing (12:16 mins)

10. Your Meditation Practices – Part 3: Expanding Consciousness, Seed Thoughts, Subtle Energies (12:22 mins)

– plus Guided Meditation: Spiritual Anatomy – Expansion – Prayer (7:00 mins)

11. Your Meditation Practices – Part 4: Connecting with Nature & Serving Others (11:56 mins)

– plus Guided Medditation: Seed Thoughts – Service – Connecting with Nature – Blessing (18:16 mins)

12. Final Thoughts & Encouragement (8:11 mins)

This is a crucial course for anyone interested in meditation.

Dr William Bloom is one of the UK’s leading’s authors and educators in the field of holistic spirituality and health. His background includes a two-year spiritual retreat and a daily meditation practice since his early twenties. He describes his approach to meditation as person-centred, holistic and valuing the jewels in all traditions. He has been leading and teaching meditation for forty years.

Recently he pioneered the first UK qualification on spirituality and health to be on the Ofqual Register, the Diploma in Practical Spirituality and Wellness.

He founded the Spiritual Companions project, is a Fellow of the Findhorn Foundation and co-founded Alternatives of St. James’s Church, Piccadilly. His many books include The Endorphin Effect, The Power of Modern Spirituality and Meditation in a Changing World.  He holds a doctorate in social psychology from the LSE and a Cert.Ed. specialising in adult education.

‘Inner peace as easy as breathing. William Bloom has an encyclopaedic knowledge of meditation.’  – The Independent.