Rewind your Body Clock by Jayney Goddard

"Jayney Goodard's holistic vision is a rare combination of practical and scientific tools for improving, function, performance, and inner and outer beauty at any age." -Frank Sabatino on 'Rewind Your Body Clock'

Become happier, healthier and 'biologically' younger

Let Jayney Goddard guide you in this exciting adventure so that you get fantastic results!

Can I really rewind my body clock?

This is a course on exactly how to Rewind Your Body Clock, to get happier, healthier and even ‘biologically’ younger. Jayney Goddard will be your guide in this exciting adventure –to show you what works – and how to actually do everything she talks about – so that you get fantastic results!

All her recommendations are thoroughly grounded in robust science: it all really works – and there is an abundance of solid research that proves this.

In Jayney’s words:

“It is my hope that the modules in the course will provide a whole lifestyle approach that you can learn from to dramatically impact your own health, wellness and resistance to disease. Every lifestyle strategy you’ll learn in this course is fully backed by robust evidence and scientific research. I never expect you to just take anything at face-value, instead, I want to empower you with really solid, properly researched information so that you are equipped to share your new learnings with your friends and loved ones. You’ve made a great decision in getting this course and I know that the strategies I describe in all of the modules will make a wonderful difference to you, I know this through observing thousands of my own clients over the last three decades that I have been teaching these incredibly powerful, yet elegantly simple techniques. So, this means that you can rely upon them being both safe and highly effective.”

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About Rewind Your Body Clock

Course Topics:

The main topics you will encounter in this course include:

  • Mindset – this may be one of the most important factors in staying fit, healthy and biologically young.
  • Happiness – and ways that we can dramatically increase our natural happiness set-point.
  • Inflammation – why it is relevant and what we can do about it.Nutrition – with exciting demos of a couple of my favourite recipes.
  • Cognitive health – strategies for staying really sharp and maintaining your brain-power well into your later years.
  • Beauty and hair – Of course, it’s great to look good on the outside, but this is a crucially important part of ageing well for psychological reasons too, that I discuss in that module. I share with you some really useful tips that make a real difference to how our skin and hair age.
  • Sleep – The importance of healthy sleep cannot be overestimated. In the sleep module, you’ll learn about why we need deep sleep and how to get it. I also share with you a powerful Yoga Nidra (Yogic Sleep) meditation that trains you to sleep really deeply.

Course Contents:


Lesson 1 – Introduction (22:02 mins)

Lesson 2 – Mindset (8:56 mins)

Lesson 3 – Cultivating Happiness (13:41 mins)

Lesson 4 – Inflammation (15:05 mins)

Lesson 5 – Nutrition Principles (35:29 mins)

Lesson 6 – Cognitive Health (8:02 mins)

Lesson 7 – Beauty (13:47 mins)

Lesson 8 – Sleep (10:56 mins)

About Janey:

Jayney Goddard is considered as one of the world’s leading experts in the complementary medicine and natural health fields. A popular broadcaster, author, lecturer and journalist, she is an acknowledged thought leader and influencer in the health care arena. Her Rewind Your Body Clock: The Complete Natural Guide to a Happier, Healthier, Younger You was published by Watkins in April 2019.

Jayney is now founder and president of The Complementary Medicine Association (The CMA) and founder and co-chair of the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine. She has a Master of Science post-graduate degree from UCLan, England; trained in Mind/Body Medicine at Harvard Medical School, USA, under Dr Herbert Benson (the “father” of Mind/ Body Medicine); and runs an international practice in which she uses a range of natural medicine approaches to help clients reach their fullest health potential.

She is the recipient of the camexpo award for Outstanding Contribution to Complementary Medicine and she has a special interest in immunology and anti-ageing. Natural Health magazine call Jayney “The UK’s Natural Youth Guru”.