The Journey to Enlightenment Tarot communicates in a special way helping to show the way forward giving encouragement and makes you realise that you are always connected and never alone. You just need to ask for guidance and advice will be offered, tools to help calm your mind and ways of unblocking emotions, go deep on an emotional level to help you connected into profound emotions to reveal you best way forward to start living to your full potential.

This FREE course will give you a detailed overview and a variety of sample spreads to get your started working with this truly unique Tarot deck.

Allow The Journey of Enlightenment Tarot to illuminate your path and shine for others to follow. Enjoy this journey to Enlightenment!

“I love Tarot and hope through this course that you will too. Tarot has always been part of my life – firstly for fun – helping me make decisions …how best to get through the day? what to do?! Over my journey my tarot really helped guide me on my path helping me connect with my inner emotions, guiding me in the right way forward – not just to give general guidance of the outcome of a situation but I turned to tarot when I was completely at a loss of direction and confused to how I felt, what I was supposed to be doing? and where I wanted to go? and what was I to do?! When my path was completely blocked I realised what the tarot was there for, not just to predict, but to help dig deep for answers that under normal circumstances take years of talking, counselling and understanding to get to – they were the key to help me connect to spiritual guidance.”  – Selena Joy Lovett

The Video Lessons of Your Free Course:

Welcome and Introduction

Lesson 1 - Rituals for Cleansing and Grounding

Lesson 2 - Connecting With Your Tarot Deck

Lesson 3 - Giving Successful Tarot Readings

Lesson 4 - A Simple Spread: The Interview

Lesson 5 - Spreads: Time to Reflect

Lesson 6 - Spreads: What Are My Blocks?

Lesson 7 - Spreads: Inner Child

Lesson 8 - Spreads for New Moon and Full Moon

Lesson 9 - Chakra Spreads for Balancing and Unblocking

Final Thoughts and Farewell