How to Be a Modern Samurai

by Antony Cummins

"This book is a must have for anyone looking to improve the quality of ones life. Mr. Cummings presents amazing insight on how to apply ancient samurai ways to our modern way of life. Go ahead and throw away the other ‘self help’ books and make room for this one!" - Charles Murdan on Antony's book 'How to Be a Modern Samurai'

For centuries the Japanese samurai were the unquestioned leaders of their society, maintaining their position through their iron will, Zen-like emotional control and clan-building social skills. Today, in a world that focuses on instant gratification and self-indulgence, the Way of the Samurai is a challenging path to follow but will bring huge rewards to anyone who commits to it.

Packed full of activities and tips, this video course will show you how to use the techniques of the famous Japanese warriors in the modern world. Learn how to control your mind and your emotions, use hard work and dedication to perfect your art, build a network of loyal supporters, rise to leadership level in your field and become unstoppable in pursuit of your goals.

The samurai of history were elite men, but gender and social standing have no relevance to the Way of the Samurai today. All you need is fierce determination to become the very best possible version of yourself.

Your 10 steps to finding your power

and achieving success in life:

Introduction: Finding the Path

Step 1: Control Your Mind

Step 2: Lead a Samurai Lifestyle

Step 3: Engage Strategically With the World

Step 4: Build a Fortress

Step 5: Follow a Way

Step 6: Build an Army

Step 7: Understanding the Way of War

Step 8: Adopt the Way of the Ninja

Step 9: Study Samurai Magic

Step 10: Tread the Spiritual Path

Final Thoughts

End of Course Test

Our 12 video course is closely based on and includes a free PDF version of Antony's book 'How to Be a Modern Samurai'.

About Your Tutor

Antony Cummins

ANTONY CUMMINS is an author-historian who concentrates on medieval Japanese warfare and is the founder of the Historical Ninjutsu Research Team, a team dedicated to the translation and publication of historical shinobi manuals into the English language.

His goal is to bring together the greatest amount of reference material on the Way of the Samurai and Ninja and to help form a correct image of the truth behind Japanese Samurai warfare. In his works he reveals the lost ways of the Ninja, ancient stories of Samurai heroes and secrets that have been hidden away for centuries.

Antony is a committed follower of the Way of the Samurai both in his life and work.

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