Introduction to Druidry by Luke Eastwood

"Luke Eastwood gives us the first accessible Irish study on druid history and practice ... and opens the door to Celtic spiritual practice with clarity and grace." - Caitlin Matthews, author of Encyclopedia of Celtic Wisdom, on Luke's book The Druid's Primer

Learn all about the ancient Druid path to live in greater harmony with nature and to rediscover the sacredness of the material world.

Druidism offers us a much needed alternative way of being and living in the world by giving us practical tools for attuning to the Earth's cycles and seasons.

Luke's course is a comprehensive introduction to genuine druidic knowledge and practice based on ancient texts and surviving Celtic lore and customs.

Based on his more than 25 years research and practical exploration, he will teach your all aspects of what it means to be a Druid in a modern context.

What you will learn in this video course:

Lesson 1 - What is a Druid?

Lesson 2 - My Own Path as a Druid 

Lesson 3 - History of Druidry

Lesson 4 - Cosmology & Elements 

Lesson 5 - Light Body & Imbas (Awen)

Lesson 6 - Mythology / Triads / Deity

Lesson 7 - Magic & Immersion in Nature

Lesson 8 - Ritual & The Eightfold Year

Lesson 9 - Ogham & Divination

Lesson 10 - Wisdom & Ethics

Providing in-depth additional study material, Luke Eastwood's course includes a free PDF version of his highly acclaimed book The Druid's Primer.

About Your Tutor:

LUKE EASTWOOD has been training as a Druid for almost 30 years, but this process is a life-long one. Having left Roman Catholicism, he became interested in esotericism and world religions while studying at university in London.

He began studying Druidism in 1995 in UK, until he moved to Ireland in 1999. In 2006 he founded Irish Druid Network and the following year he founded Éigse Spiorad Cheilteach (an Earth-spirituality festival) which is still running today. He became an Archdruid of the Druid Clan of Dana in 2009, initiated by the late Olivia Robertson. Luke is also an RHS trained Horticulturist, who studied at Dublin School of Horticulture. He completed his training with OBOD in 2011, the year that his first book was published, and he has been involved in various groves and spiritual organizations for over 20 years.

Luke writes for various magazines and websites on spiritual, green, social and political issues. At the time of publication of this course he has written 10 books on various subjects, 3 of which are on Druidry.

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