The Medicine Wheel: Maps of Transformation

by Barry Goddard

"I love working with a medicine wheel, it can bring a huge amount of insight and help guide you on your pathway. Barry Goddard ... takes the idea and shows you how to work with it to help in all areas of your life." - Rachel Patterson, author of Kitchen Witchcraft and Curative Magic


The Medicine Wheel shows us how to both live and transform ourselves while remaining in balance with the natural world. Indigenous peoples in the Americas, with whom these Wheels originate, have a profound understanding of what it means to be human that has been largely lost in the modern world.

This course offers an in-depth exploration of an ancient map that shows how human beings and the world work. A Wheel is very simple and experiential – dividing the world into the four basic elements of Fire, Water, Earth and Air – and on that basis it creates a deep and transformative psychology, a subtle and practical philosophy and a ceremonial form through which the community can celebrate the sacredness of life.

Barry Goddard not only teaches the correct use of the Medicine Wheel by exploring the tradition of the wheel but also encourages us to approach it with a creative attitude, to be authentic and make it our own.

What you will learn in this video course:


Making your own Wheel

The Four Elements

Astrology, Jung and the Elements

Uses of the Wheel

Exercise: Experience the Elements

and more ...

THE EAST - INITIATION (2 video lessons)

The nature of the Sacred

Exercise: What is trying to emerge in your life?

Shamanism and Astrology

The need for tradition and its limitations

Finding your own inner guide

and more ...


Dreams and Vision Quests

Projecting the Shadow

Getting to know the visiting Spirits

The nature of Healing

Doing our own Soul Retrieval

The South as a Place of Power

and more ...

THE WEST - INCARNATION (2 video lessons)

The Sacred and the Everyday

Shamanic Journeying

Loosening Self-Identity

The Way of the Sacred Pipe

Death as an Adventure

and more ...

THE NORTH - PERSPECTIVE (3 video lessons)

North as the Knowing Place

How to be Single

Two-Eyed Seeing

Creation Mythologies

Becoming a vehicle for Spirit

The wisdom of Spirit Animals

The Deep Intelligence in Nature

and more ...


Coming into balance at deeper levels

The Eight Directions

The Universe needs us to live our dreams

Ways of Working with the Wheel

Living from your centre

and more ...

Providing in-depth additional study material, Barry's course includes a free PDF version of his highly acclaimed book The Medicine Wheel: Maps of Transformation, Wholeness and Balance

About Your Tutor

BARRY GODDARD first came across the Shamanic Path in the mid 1990s, when the organised Buddhism that he had been around for 15 years was no longer working for him. The idea that the Earth herself is alive, and that a meaningful life does not involve ascending to a ‘higher’ realm, was deeply appealing to him. Within a few years, Shamanism changed his life completely, and did so again another 15 years later.

For Barry, Shamanism is a path of alignment and engagement with the Spirit, and the often challenging transformational processes that come with that. For the last 20 years, Barry has been writing about and teaching both shamanism and astrology. He lives in Devon, and walks regularly on Dartmoor.

Barry runs the UK Shamanic Community and Divinatory Astrology Facebook groups. He writes blogs at and at

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