The Five Powers by Stephen Fulder

"In a direct and lovely way, Stephen, a meditation teacher and a peacemaker in Israel and Palestine shows us how to steady our hearts, how to live and embody trust and wisdom in an uncertain world."

Jack Kornfield, author of A Path With Heart on Stephen Fulder's book The Five Powers

Use proven tools for radical transformation and invite deeper meaning and more ease, steadiness and freedom into your life.

How can we surf the waves of change rather than be submerged by them? How can we rise above the conflicts and unhappiness that can assail us, meeting them from a more expansive and equanimous place? How do we perform a restart? Is it possible to radically transform our daily life? How do we emerge from this sense of endless struggle? How can we invite deeper meaning and more ease, steadiness, and freedom into our lives?

The Buddhist teaching of The Five Powers - Trust, Energy, Mindfulness, Calm and Wisdom - are the basic equipment that we all need to transform our life. They are the essence of Buddhist inspired teachings, highly developed, extraordinarily effective and sophisticated. Mindfulness is just one of the five. The other four are equally powerful and effective, but less examined.

The Five Powers work together to amplify and empower each other. They have been described as five horses working together to skillfully draw the carriage of our being to states of contentment and liberation.

What you will learn in this course:

Lesson 1: The Five Spiritual Powers (34 minute Video Lesson plus 28 minute Guided Meditation)

Lesson 2: Trust, Faith, Confidence (47 minute Video Lesson plus 24 minute Guided Meditation)

Lesson 3: Trust, Faith, Confidence - Part 2 (50 minute Video Lesson plus 29 minute Guided Meditation)

Lesson 4: Energy, Motivation, Determination (58 minute Video Lesson plus 20 minute Guided Meditation)

Lesson 5: Mindfulness, Presence, Awareness (52 minute Video Lesson plus 22 minute Guided Meditation)

Lesson 6: Mindfulness, Presence, Awareness - Part 2 (54 minute Video Lesson plus 27 minute Guided Meditation)

Lesson 7: Calm, Serenity, Concentration (51 minute Video Lesson plus 23 minute Guided Meditation)

Lesson 8: Wisdom, Insight, Awakening (45 minute Video Lesson plus 22 minute Guided Meditation)

Apart from the 8 video talks, and the 8 guided meditations the course includes a variety of practical exercises and reading materials, to help apply the teachings to your daily life.

About Your Tutor

STEPHEN FULDER has a Ph.D in medical research and 14 books published in the field of complementary medicine. He has been practicing largely within the Theravada Buddhist framework since 1976 together with long-term inspiration from Dzogchen and Advaita teachings.

Stephen has been teaching intensively for 25 years, mostly in Israel, at least 15 retreats a year, plus annual courses and classes as well as guiding the Israeli dharma teachers and instructors. He is the founder and senior teacher of the Israel Insight Society which is the major Buddhist practice organization in the country, running some 45 retreats annually and many courses plus programs in the prisons, schools, etc. and peace-making activities. 

Stephen previous book, What’s Beyond Mindfulness (published by Watkins) explores the way the practical teachings of the dharma can help us deeply with ordinary daily life situations and yet take us all the way to awakening.

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