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expert teachers

Watkins has been an authority in the Mind Body Spirit field for over a century. Our teachers are all professionals in their field and each course is unique to their teaching styles. So you know that you are learning from the best!

certification of completion

To facilitate your in-depth learning,     each course provides you with a final multiple Q&A test. Once you have completed it successfully,  you will receive a Certificate of Completion.


Incredible Value

Our annual subscription is designed to give you the best value for your investment. You’ll have access to the new courses that are constantly added. In addition, you will receive a FREE digital subcription for the Watkins  MIND BODY SPIRIT magazine.

About Us

With over 125 years of experience finding the most authoritative voices and sharing their wisdom, Watkins has become synonymous with helping people to live happier, more conscious lives. Watkins Wisdom Academy is home to our brand-new learning platform – a collection of online courses that will improve your life by helping you develop your mind, body and spirit. Our teachers are experts in their fields and all offer practical tools for positive, happier living – from astrology to rituals, rewinding your body clock to mastering the gene keys. The ever-expanding range of courses covers so many areas of wellbeing, spirituality and personal development that once you start you’ll want to try them all! Our all-inclusive, annual subscription package gives you full access to all our courses.

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